Bed Rental Application

Interested in renting raised bed space on campus? Simply fill out the application below. Applications received before the 25th of February (Session I) and August (Session II) will be considered first, although applications are not accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants that apply by these dates can expect to hear back by the 28th of February and August, respectively.

If your application is accepted, you must then meet with a SOL Garden Officer in-person to complete the Raised Bed Contract.

2021 - 22 Raised Bed Application

Community Gardening Program at NC State University


          The goal of the SOL Garden is to allow new and experienced gardeners to learn and

experiment with growing their own food. This space was created to be a fun and interesting

place for students, faculty, staff, and those from the surrounding areas to destress, learn,

and connect.


The garden includes:

  • Raised bed space to be rented by a select few gardeners (including one ADA accessible bed)

  • Pollinator garden directly beside the raised beds

  • Currently growing herbs and future productive plants (such as fruit and nut trees, not including any annuals grown for vegetable production and donation)


Our equipment and materials include:

  • Hand tools that gardeners can use on-site*

  • A locked storage shed for garden tools and materials*

  • Rainwater fed irrigation and well for watering the garden**

  • Notice of any special classes or opportunities for garden members

  • A NC-specific packet providing information on organic gardening and planting timing


We agree to provide:

  • Support and mentoring of gardening practices

  • Water and irrigation supplies for each garden bed

  • One layer of compost each spring

  • Use of garden wheelbarrows and hand tools*

  • Fertilizer, compost, supplies, seeds, and transplants if available***

*a garden manager will need to be on-site to unlock the shed for first two visits

**please use cistern and available watering cans to water raised beds, if possible

***upon availability