Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in sponsoring garden projects?


SOUL Garden is the only organic garden on campus grown for and by students. SOUL Garden and its officers work hard to help students learn about the benefits of organic gardening, composting, food security and work to provide volunteers with free, fresh, organic produce as often as possible. The garden is intended to be a place of growth not only for plants but also for people. The leaders of SOUL Garden work with volunteers to assess what their specific interests and skill sets are in and how the garden can benefit and grow these skills.


As a garden committed to benefiting the volunteers and nearby community with produce as well as skill sets, we were able to donate 3 pounds of kale and lettuces to the interfaith food shuttle last year as well as sending volunteers homes with countless bags of produce throughout the year. Providing students with delicious, organic and free produce helps to keep them healthy as well as helps the garden recruit student volunteers. We want to ensure that the NCSU community and volunteers of the garden feel they are receiving value for their time spent with us and that we are an important part of their student experience. SOUL Garden will continue to work towards feeding as many students as possible to ensure NCSU students have access to healthy and sweat-earned produce. The SOUL Garden currently has 17 Officers who have a number of gardening projects lined up for the 2017-2018 academic year. 


We depend on donations, sponsorships and the work of volunteers to establish this green space at NC State University. Here are ways you could support and/or partner with us! Personal donations in any amount are welcome and appreciated, as are donations of designated items.


If you are a business, corporation, or individual, you could sponsor a project.  In return, the SOUL Garden will acknowledge you or your company as the sponsor of the garden project on our website and list in our annual report. The garden would also provide an advertisement for your company on our website, Facebook page, and social media platforms. The money you donate will help students develop leadership and project management skills while in school.

See our Major Projects and contact us if you would like to sponsor any of these projects.