About Us


We are cultivating leaders of tomorrow through student mentorship, environmental stewardship and a whole lot of organic gardening.

About Us

SOUL Garden (Students for Organic United Living) is NC State’s first student-run harvestable garden. Located on Centennial campus behind the dam at Lake Raleigh, the garden is a place where students grow organic produce while nurturing and expanding their leadership, team building and work ethic skills.



NC State past and present students Lauren Morris and Katie McKnight established the garden after their idea for an organic campus garden won the Think Outside the Brick competition for 2009. Since then, the garden has been continuously growing and evolving, even after facing setbacks such as extensive damages from flooding. In 2017, the garden received an NC State Deborah S. Moore Service Award for Outstanding Student Organization, as well as a Green Brick Award.



  • To cultivate an appreciation for and encourage a peaceful interaction with nature

  • Assist students in creating and developing projects such as a passive solar greenhouse, composting programs, green space initiatives, speaker series, pollinator gardens, and annual reports


The development of our logo has been a creative process that truly reflects the experience we want to create, one that is centered around acceptance and community. The hand represents mentorship and humanity, while the outstretched palm symbolizes protection and peace. A sprout of optimism, growth and development germinates from the hand’s palm because here we grow knowledge about sustainable, organic agriculture while learning life skills and developing relationships. We have chosen green, brown, purple and blue colors because of their associated emotions and qualities. Click here to learn more about our branding.

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