Nadia Sheppard


Role at the Garden



Environmental Engineering and Agroecology

Nadia is a sophomore double-majoring in Environmental Engineering and Agroecology, and hopes to use these degrees to address the intersection of water quality and sustainable agriculture. Nadia knew practically nothing about growing food until she volunteered at a student-run garden in high school, which motivated her to take a gap year to wok on small-scale organic farms. As a member of the SOUL Leadership Team, Nadia hopes to use local food production as an education tool for NC State students. During her free time, Nadia can be found hiking, backpacking or working to divest NC State's endowment from fossil fuels. 

Other Student Organizations

Climate Reality Corp
Sustainability Fund Advisory Board
Food Recovery Network

Favorite Produce

Beets, Heirloom Tomatoes, Snap Beans and Radishes