Irrigation System

at SOUL Garden


My name is Maitland Gurney and I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently enrolled in the Exploratory Studies program with the intent to major in Accounting. While enrolled in this first-year program, I am involved in Dr. Bob Patterson’s World Food and Population class. Over the course of this class, we will examine the dynamics of food needs, production and utilization all over the world. One requirement for this class is to complete fifteen hours of community service with an organization of our choice. As I was thinking of what organization would be beneficial to the community and the environment surrounding NC State, one came to mind. I have chosen to work with the SOUL Garden of NC State University. With their values centered around organic living, collaboration and environmental stewardship, this organization was the perfect choice.

While completing my hours with the SOUL Garden, one project I will be heading up is the irrigation system for one of the garden beds. I will be working in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders to create a bike pump drip irrigation system. Currently the SOUL Garden team members are still watering with buckets and need a better system. I will need the help of a hydraulics expert to make sure the water flows correctly into the bed. Also, I am need of the donation of two bikes. These bikes are critical for the project to be successful so the water can be pumped from the barrel to the garden bed. I am excited for this new journey working with the SOUL Garden and completing this irrigation project.


If you are interested in more information or assisting SOUL Leaders on this project, please use our contact for to send us a message. We would love to hear from you!