at SOUL Garden

A proposed green space will support SOUL community events like education, yoga, and gathering. The design team considers it imperative to provide students and volunteers with a comfortable place to enjoy a good day’s work that reflects the garden’s mission for personal and environmental growth.

Still in design phase, the team wants to replicate the garden’s current style with materials, colors, and DiY chic. Ultimately the team is aiming for something that maximizes functionality of the space, experiments with planting material, and becomes a special place that people want to hang out in. 

Stay tuned for our proposed final design and feel free to support us with comments, donations, and volunteer hours to help us create a memorable space! 



SOUL Leaders
Andrew Harrell - Senior Landscape Designer
Samantha Pace - Industrial Designer
Matt Dwyer - Assistant Landscape Designer
Garrett Massengill - Infrastructure Specialist

Alex Burnette - Arborist

Kaela Bath - PR Specialist

Rachel Witner - Fundraising Coordinator

Shamsa Visone - Project Manager 

Programming Events
Educational workshops
Speaker Series
Theater in the Park

Seating for Social Events (workshops, speaker series, social events)
Large grassy area or equivalent “yoga surface”
Table (for placing workshop pieces on, backpacks, water bottles, harvest table??)
Podium or equivalent speaking area
Shade structure (abiotic or biotic)
3 Hammocks for relaxation

If you are interested in more information or assisting SOUL Leaders on this project, please use our contact for to send us a message. We would love to hear from you!