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March 2019. Volume 2. Issue 2.

Want to become more involved in SOUL Garden? Become a leader!

The form is now live on our website homepage to become a SOUL Leader for the next school year. We're generally friendly and passionate people so please let us know if you have any questions about the process or want to meet with one of us to talk about your interests with SOUL.


Check below for more information!

What is SOUL?

We are a near decade old on-campus garden and student club. We are currently located at the wonderful Agroecology Education Farm off Lake Wheeler Road. However, we are looking into options which are more accessible to students. SOUL has its heart set on Parents Park; a charming patch of open space near the greenway, West Campus, and the baseball diamond. We will know that status of this new location early April and are currently in the design process.


So our biggest initiatives of the following year will be to build our new home, create lasting partnerships with our campus community, and promote all the cool stuff we're doing. Some of our other missions include environmental stewardship, education, and spreading the love of gardening!

What's so cool about being a SOUL Leader?

Being a SOUL Leader allows one to align their mission with that of the garden. So, we allow our leaders to start new program at the garden, like the SOUL Speaker Series. Or leaders imagine and build their passion projects, such as our passive solar greenhouse.

This sounds wonderful, I'm sold!

Perfect. Go to our home page to apply. Make sure the application is submitted by March 22nd. Then we will get back to you on next steps, including an election meeting on April 1st from 7 to 8 PM. If that sounds intimidating or you can't make the date, no worries! Reach out to mrdwyer@ncsu.edu or soulgarden-org@ncsu.edu

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