SOUL Committees

Join our dynamic and growing team!

SOUL Garden has been under the leadership of a great team. Now we want to offer the opportunity for more students to get involved in planning the future garden and taking action to actualize our plans. We are excited to help you succeed in any projects you want to work on! 


Work from the bottom up and help build various garden infrastructures such as the greenhouse or green space. Advance your money and people skills by planning out the various tasks.


Work in the very heart of our organization- right with our plants! Help organize and plan our organic produce for others to enjoy.


Work directly with other organizations and professionals to increase SOUL’s reach across campus and Raleigh alike. Help encourage others to become involved in SOUL Garden through various methods. Also help advertise, coordinate and advise on Speaker Series.



Work with Outreach/Coalitions to organize and plan external and internal communications to keep everyone on the same page. Increase your people and writing skills. Help create PR content such as the newsletter, report, etc.


Help improve our planet by working with businesses and other organizations to help with out volunteer-led compost collection service, Scrap-To-Life.

Visual Media Production

Help keep track of all the amazing projects and events that SOUL accomplishes. Includes photography, video, and graphic design.

We’ve formed several committees that focus on specific aspects of running the garden. Each committee is led by 2-4 SOUL leaders who decide when and where to meet and direct the conversations. The idea is to have committee meetings be a time to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, create action plans, and work out details of our various projects in a focused and creative environment.


By joining a committee, students have the opportunity to turn their ideas into action while sharing ideas with the other committee members. We encourage students to come to as many meetings as possible to get a taste of what most interests them and how they want to get further involved. There's no formal requirements, just show up and help us 'Think and Do'!


If you are interested in joining a committee, subscribe to our newsletter via the footer of this page and stay tuned for updates about when each committee meets.