Local compost collection service on Centennial Campus.

SOUL Garden is proud to introduce a program that engages students and businesses in a united effort right here on our Centennial Campus! Beginning in fall 2017, our composting program will be more than simply collecting food scraps that can be turned into compost. Instead, it is a highly organized, sophisticated effort that calls for leadership, focused outreach, teamwork, innovative thinking, community engagement, and – yes – hard work, which brings out the ‘doer’ mentality that is essential for future success!


For Students

This is a ‘down and dirty’ experience for students, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to not only learn how to dispose of the waste that we generate as a society in a responsible way, but also to learn critical skills that will prepare students for success after graduation. Students who volunteer with us will be known as Soil Stewards because of the important role they play in maintaining fertile soil at the garden. Together we are coordinating the dates and times of bin pickup and matching them with willing volunteers. These dedicated student volunteers will gain skills in leadership, team building, community engagement, and stewardship. Students can use this opportunity to network with businesses and socialize with fellow volunteers. For the Fall 2017 Semester, this opportunity is limited to members of designated student organizations to keep the process streamlined. 


For student organizations: Get Involved Google Form Soil Steward Partner Interest 

For Businesses

If you own or manage a business located on Centennial Campus with food waste that needs a disposal solution, consider engaging our student-run service to rid the waste from your premises. It’s not only an environmentally responsible option, but your participation will signal to the community that your business has the foresight and wisdom to care for the future of our earth while we still can. You will be supporting an effort that fosters student growth and development to help create the next generation of leaders.

Get Involved → Google Form for becoming a pick-up site



The composting of food nationally rose from 1.84 million tons in 2013 to 1.94 million tons in 2014. Food composting collection programs served over 2.8 million households in 2014. Clearly, it’s becoming a national movement that is only going to gain more traction. NC State composts from dining halls, pizza box composters, receptacles in Talley and The Oval, Administrative Services Buildings I, II, & III – but what about our business partners on Centennial campus? Our goal is to engage these businesses in our effort. We need their participation, we will recycle organic material into a rich soil that can be spread in gardens to nourish the growth of new life. What greater service can we do for our future?


Mission & Goals

The Scrap-to-Life composting program is unique in that we stay true to our mission of student development while also engaging in environmentally sound practices. Our goals are to work with student volunteers, achieve developmental goals, and incorporate those goals into the Scrap-to-Life program. Help us close the gap between dreaming and doing! With a collaborative effort, we can make a difference – on our campus and in our community. But even more, our student volunteers will take their newly gained experienced knowledge and experience with them as they leave our college as capable, fully informed, fully capable, and fully dedicated to the environmental stewardship movement.


Future Plans

This project is intended to be a long-lasting effort to engage students and the community. After the initial launch of the compost-collecting volunteers, we will begin Phase II in which the volunteers will have the opportunity to receive extensive education about composting. Phase III will include the opportunity for Soil Stewards to become Master Composters by hosting their own outreach events and demonstrations. We hope to build a sustainable network of students who are dedicated to becoming leaders, innovators, good communicators, and stewards of the environment.

Current Pick-Up Sites

  • PowerAmerica

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rachel Witner at soulgarden-org@ncsu.edu.

For Current Soil Stewards

Click here to access the Soil Stewards Portal.

SOUL Garden’s new program, Scrap to Life, is creating a network of volunteers to collect organic food scraps from businesses on Centennial campus and turn them into compost. This program accomplishes the “dirty work” of composting while also offering invaluable learning and growth opportunities for student volunteers.