Help Us Rebuild the SOUL Garden

As you all know the SOUL Garden was damaged and we are looking to you to help us rebuild it this semester. ​ We have about 30 volunteers scheduled to help us on October 30th. These include Alpha Phi Omega, American Marketing Association (AMA) , and NC States nutrition club! Unfortunately, we need to purchase supplies this week. We are hoping we can all come together and revive the garden. We are estimating the supplies will cost $750.00.These include lots of compost, sledge hammer, chicken wire, seedlings, woodchips, concrete blocks and a few other items. Here is the gofundme campaign link. We have 7 days before our wonderful 30 volunteers show up to help us rebuild our garden. Sponsorship Opportunity ​Every group or individual that donates before our volunteers arrive, will receive one cement block to decorate in any way possible. These blocks will be used by the garden to align the plant beds for support and decoration. Please spread this campaign far and wide. We don't want to give up on the SOUL Garden. We would like to continue to provide a space for learning, nourishment and service. We are also having a party on October 30th from 1 - 3pm. Join us to celebrate community building. To learn more about our garden, please click here. Help spread the word! Gofundme campaign

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