Empowering Students to Take on the World

Shamsa is the brainchild behind SOUL’s vision of ‘Empower students to take on the world.’ She has a passion for mentoring students in developing leadership skills and has worked with SOUL Leaders to develop programs that are aligned with SOUL’s mission ‘To cultivate leaders of tomorrow through student mentorship, environmental stewardship and a whole lot of organic gardening.

Here's what Shamsa had to say about her experience: "I am convinced that today’s competitive environment demands that college students hit the ground running with strong critical thinking abilities, leadership skills, and project management competence – ‘soft skills’ that will shape the way they succeed on the job and in the community. With a ‘Think and Do’ philosophy at the heart of all of SOUL’s programs, the garden operations are set up to give students the opportunity to build their skills, self-confidence and passion for learning by engaging. ”

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