Introducing the SOUL-to-Soul Speaker Series at the SOUL Garden held in our green space. SOUL Speakers as we like to call our speakers, can be anyone part of the NC State University community interested in sharing a topic of common humanity of all members of the NC State community. 

Please join us!

SOUL-to-Soul Speaker Series

SOUL Garden is proud to introduce the upcoming debut of our SOUL-to-Soul Speakers Series!


Beginning in September, undergraduate students, graduate students, professors and other members of the NC State University community will gather to discuss topics of common interest in an interactive environment conducive to sharing knowledge, exploring perspectives, challenging assumptions, and defending beliefs. We hope to foster a spirit of goodwill and respectful acceptance of one another’s viewpoints and that this spirit will inspire enlightened thinking and a higher level of understanding among all of us. Held in a technology-free zone, the series will sizzle with excitement as the synergy among speakers and participants begin to shape new avenues of thinking.

With mentorship from Shamsa Visone, the project is spearheaded by Matt Dwyer, a sophomore at NC State University, who is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineer and is involved in the NC State Honors Program & American Justice Corps. At SOUL Garden, Matt plans to design, maintain, and enhance the SOUL Garden property while also engaging in professional and personal development.

The Speaker Series is a program born out of our mission of cultivating leaders of tomorrow through student mentorship, environmental stewardship and a whole lot of organic gardening.The Speaker Series is an example of SOUL Garden’s commitment to offer students opportunities where they can engage in the practical, real-life application of critical life skills and connect their work to the larger community beyond our campus boundaries. Our focus on environmental stewardship, innovation, collaboration, and leadership development is at the heart of everything we hope to achieve.


We are currently developing our roster of speakers who are passionate or experts in their field. If you are interested or if you know of anyone who may be interested, please fill out this form.