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SOUL Garden

Students for Organic United Living

SOUL Garden is an on-campus student organization and on-campus student run garden. SOUL is currently at the Agroecology Education Farm, although we have hopes to relocate to Parents Park in the very near future. This would allow us to have a small-scale garden right next to Fountain Dining Hall for students, staff and faculty to enjoy.

Throughout the year, we host multiple workdays for you to volunteer. Some of the tasks include planting, weeding, watering, compost transportation and maintaining garden aesthetics. 

Currently, we do not have workdays, as we are in the process of moving. We hope to be hosting workdays by mid-September of this year!


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Environmental Stewardship

One of the club's greatest underlying aims is to cultivate an appreciation for and encourage a peaceful interaction with nature. Our student volunteers see immediate benefits to living in harmony with their natural environment. 

We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Some of our other sustainable practices include:

  • A passive solar greenhouse

  • Crop rotation

  • Cover crops

  • Interplanting

  • On-site composting

  • Rainwater collection for irrigation


Although we are in a transition period, we are very open to students' individual projects. If you have a project you would like to make happen at the garden, tell us about it. Past projects include a pollinator garden, a speaker series, herb spiral, greenhouse, composting site.

Please contact us with your proposal through the connect page. 

Proposed Garden Design​s

Sketchup Designs created by Andrew Harrell