Alina is a first year undergrad student (with sophomore credits) in Nuclear Engineering. In the future, Alina intends to find a career research to develop clean energy from nuclear fusion. 
I have a basic knowledge base but little practical experience outside of herb growing and companion planting. I would love to learn more about growing and caring for food-bearing plants. As well as composting strategies. In the future, I would love to develop my own vegetable/fruit/herb garden when I have my own place to live. It has always been a dream of mine to become more self-sufficient and able to work with a small community. I think SOL could give me a lot of hands-on experience and practical knowledge to apply in my future endeavors.

Alina Jugan

Class of 2021


Nuclear Engineering



Other Involvement

Vice President of the American Nuclear 
Women & Minorities in Engineering
Raleigh Digital Connectors Ambassador