SOUL Garden: an oasis for the body and mind - TECHNICIAN

April 23, 2017

With gardening skills, leadership development and a lot of soul, the SOUL Garden, or Students for Organic United Living, cultivates the only student-run garden on Centennial Campus. Located right by Walnut Creek near Lake Raleigh, the garden utilizes the nearby water source, organic compost and a pollinator garden to care for the plants naturally...

SOUL garden set to rebuild after Matthew - TECHNICIAN

November 27, 2016

Although more than a month has passed since it impacted North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew’s effects are still being felt, especially at NC State’s on-campus community garden. Started in 2010, The Students for Organic, United Living (SOUL) garden is a student-led garden located on Centennial Campus...

NCSU Student Creates Campus Pollinator Garden - IPM IN THE SOUTH

November 03, 2016

If you have played through NC State’s Centennial Campus disc golf course, the start of hole four probably didn’t stand out as much more than an eroded slope. But now — thanks to a partnership between an NC State graduate student and the university’s Grounds Management department — a large pollinator-friendly garden is both managing stormwater and providing habitat on campus...


April 21, 2016

The SOUL (Students for Organic, United Living) Garden located on NC State's Centennial campus grows both vegetables and community. A recently acquired grant from the Sustainability fund has allowed them to expand their garden beds and further their organic growing.

SOUL Garden grows vegetables, community - TECHNICIAN

April 21, 2016

The NC State SOUL — Students for Organic, United Living — Garden is a student-run garden that predominantly grows vegetables and fruit. All of the work done on the garden is volunteer-based. The garden began after two NC State students received a Think Outside the Brick grant from Student Government to create NC State’s first on-campus community garden in 2009...

SOUL garden victim of vandalism - TECHNICIAN

January 29, 2012

The Students for Organic, United Living (SOUL) community garden was vandalized last Tuesday with a mini-excavator stolen from a nearby construction site...According to Campus Police, the excavator was taken from a construction site near the Lonnie Pool golf course sometime after 5 p.m . and taken on a joyride to Lake Raleigh...

Community garden aims to expand - TECHNICIAN

August 16, 2011

The Students For Organic United Living (SOUL) Garden, located on Centennial Campus, now in its second year, will focus on getting more students involved during the fall semester, according to managers.

Expansion for the garden, which is still highly dependent on volunteer work and donated soil, started with increasing its personnel. New to the team is co-manager Ariel Greenwood, a senior in psychology, who joined over the summer...

Student garden growing - TECHNICIAN

February 07, 2011

Students at a community garden on Centennial Campus were enthusiastic on Super Bowl Sunday – and for more than just football. Planted by the group Students for Organic, United Living, the SOUL Garden is a grant-funded project near Lake Raleigh open to the University community. Last Sunday was the first work day of the semester...

NCSU’S SOUL Community Garden - SHIFT:BLOG

January 29, 2011

Ever wondered if NCSU had their own community garden? It’s true, we finally do! Last year students got together and created SOUL Community Garden, NCSU’s first oncampus organic community garden...

Gardening with SOUL - TECHNICIAN

November 30, 2010

Tucked away behind the dam at Lake Raleigh, the Students for Organic United Living (S.O.U.L.) Garden slumbers as it waits until spring when it will once again be filled with tasty fruits and veggies ripe for the picking. Where now only a grassy cover crop grows, the garden's managers are already dreaming big for the spring planting season. But to pull it off, they are going to need help...

'Think Outside the Brick' encourages sustainability, ingenuity - TECHNICIAN

November 16, 2010

Making the University campus more green and energy-efficient is a goal of many in our campus community. In response to this desire, Student Government and the SG Sustainability Commission launched the ‘Think Outside the Brick' project last year. The deadline for this year's competition was Monday. According to Rachel Conley, director of the 'Think Outside the Brick' project, approximately 25 applications were submitted by this years' deadline...

A desire for SOUL food - TECHNICIAN

February 22, 2010

A business plan that would strive to unite the campus and reduce NCSU's ecological foot print was presented to a receptive Board of Trustees on Thursday. Lauren Morris, a junior in bio-chemistry, and Katie McKnight, a sophomore in environmental technology, are working to launch a community gardening project on campus. They will call it the Students for Organic United Living Garden, or SOUL Garden for short. "We really want this garden to bring all different aspects of campus together," said McKnight. "That's one of our main goals." 

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